Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kitty Murderers

Every cat is a little hunter at heart. Even Samwise, with his lazy sleep-all-day attitude occasionally gets "the rips" and runs around the house wanting to play and attack his little, toy goldfish.

Finny: "I want to play with the goldfish too..."

In a study done by the University of Georgia, it has been discovered that cats spend most of their nights hunting down small animals. This will be no surprise to people who own cats. Cats love to hunt down and play with little creatures like birds, rodents, and lizards.

The study was done by using kitty cams, small cameras attached to the cats' collars. The cameras recorded everything from the cats' point of view and showed researchers what exactly it is cats like to do all night. This is how they figured out that cats like to kill--a lot!

What is fascinating is that cats don't kill because they are hungry. In fact, the cats only ate 30 percent of the animals they killed, brought home 21 percent, and left the rest of their victims to rot on the ground. Cats kill things because they play them to death. Literally.

Cats also make an average of 2.1 kills per week, which adds up fast considering that there are 86.4 million house cats in America alone, and that doesn't include strays.

Male cats have proven to be more avid hunters than female cats, UGA also discovered. Finny agrees with this statement.

"I'm a great adventurer!"

If you are interested in viewing any of the kitty cam footage, you can do so at their website.