Monday, June 10, 2013

Mother's Day and Father's Day Cat Humor

Yes, this post is late to be about Mother's day, and it's too early to be about Father's day, but you know how cats are--they do everything on their own time schedule!

Finny actually slept through Mother's day and is planning to probably sleep through Father's day as well.

In honor of all cat moms and dads, Finny has searched throughout the Internet's vast collection of cat humor to present you with today's holiday treats. First of all, to all the cat mothers out there...

Image from the article "A Mother's Day Poem from the Cat"

"And most of all, remember we love you!" - Sammie

Sammie and his mom.

Also, Finny would like to give an early shout out to all cat dads.

For some unknown reason, there are many men who just don't like cats. Maybe they had a bad experience with cats, or maybe they just haven't met many cats in their lives. Whatever the reason is, it's just a fact of life that many men prefer dogs to cats.

However, there are a select group of men who love their cats; these are the wonderful cat dads we would like to honor today. Finnegan discovered this article that he would like to share. It's called "20 Cats Who Got Ties for Father's Day."

Don't you dare put me in a tie...

Happy Mother's day and Father's day to the great cat parents of the world!