Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet Finnegan (Finny)

Finny flirting

Finnegan Chase Chance-Lynch is a flame-point siamese cat, also known as a colorpoint shorthair by the Cat Fanciers' Association. Flame-point siamese (FPS) cats are distinguishable by both their appearance and personality, and Finnegan (Finny) is no exception.

FPS are large cats, with the males sometimes growing more than three feet long and weighing up to twenty pounds. Their bodies are cream or white in color with their tips (tail, feet, noes, and ears) a dusty-red or orange color.

The personality of FPS cats is a mixture from their Siamese and American Shorthair ancestors. FPS are extremely playful, loving, curious, and vocal cats.

Finny's unofficial birthdate is January 1, 2010, which makes him nearly three years old. I adopted him after he was abandoned July 2011, which makes his exact age unknown.

When he was rescued, it was discovered that Finny had already been neutered and had his front paws declawed. Because he is missing his main fighting claws, he has to live indoors permanently now. Even with this handicap, Finny still manages to climb any structure in his home and playfully tears up anything in his reach with his teeth.

I, Rebecca Lynch, will be updating Finnegan's blog for him because of his lack of thumbs and limited knowledge of the English written language.