Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catshark Attack!

Sometimes Finny seems to think he's a shark. He's white like the great whites, has sharp teeth, is a fast hunter, and likes to sneak up on people and get their toes.

"This is my shark face!"
Unknown to many people, there are a family of sharks known as catsharks, and no, tiger sharks are not included in this family group. A popular internet video has taken the term "catshark" literally by photoshopping the face of a cat onto a great white shark as it leaps up out of the water.

Finny and these catsharks have a lot in common, even though sharks are fish and cats are mammals. Catsharks are usually less than three feet long, are carnivorous, enjoy tropical and temperate regions, have cat-like eyes, enjoy eating fish, and are usually tan, brown, or orange-ish in color.

Practicing his "angry shark face."

Even though Finny will never get to be a real shark, he will keep trying. Maybe he can have a shark Halloween costume next year!


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