Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Cat's Chef

There are many recipes on the web instructing cat owners how to cook homemade cat food for their pets. includes an extensive list of cat treat recipes, many of which are based off of human meals.

While many of these sites provide tantalizing tidbits that cats will love, veterinarian Lisa A. Pierson warns cat-owner chefs to do their homework before whipping out the culinary "delights" sites post online. She says that many of these recipes are not balanced and feeding pets only these dishes will leave them needing other nutrients.

Dr. Pierson's online book "Making Cat Food" teachers cat owners what they need to know about cat's nutritional needs and how to best prepare dishes for them that will keep them healthy and happy. In the section about making cat food, she explains how easy it is to make cat food and that anyone who can follow a simple recipe can make cat food.

I usually just buy Finnegan's food and haven't tried cooking his food for him yet (It's hard enough to get me into the kitchen to make human food, let alone pet food), but after reading some of these recipes, I might have to try some of them out!


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