Saturday, February 1, 2014


YouTube, that black hole of the Internet where souls fall in and are never seen again. Well, not until they've watched hours of cat videos that is! Cats have quickly become one of the highlights of YouTube. A simple search for "cats" garners over 44 million results! If that's not called a hostile, albeit adorable and furry, take over, I don't know what is.

And of course, the Internet just would not be complete without videos of Finnegan Chase out there amongst all the other Internet-famous cats. As a "welcome to the YouTube channel neighborhood," here is the first Finny vid to arise.

Those little clawless nubs really come in handy when it's treat time.

In total, I have uploaded three videos of Finnegan on my channel, but there will be certainly more to come. Finnegan would be honored if you'd subscribe to see more of his adorable, Flame Point Siamese antics.


P.S. Beware of Finnegan on catnip.

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