Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Little Beggar

Most people think that dogs are the beggars of the domesticated pet world. Yes, dogs do have those large sad eyes, and can even be taught to beg for treats on command, but in my experience, cats are just as guilty of being little beggars to get whatever they want.

Exhibit A: Finnegan Chase.

Whenever I walk into the kitchen, he immediately begins to lace between my legs and cry for attention. He displays this frantic behavior usually before dinner, but he will beg for something to eat even after he's just finished a meal.

Doctors Foster and Smith explain to frustrated cat owners how to prevent cats begging during meal times. In their article, How to Deal with Cats that Beg, they state five ways to prevent cats from begging and to reduce begging behavior of it's already become a habit.

1. Make sure the cat has already been fed before you sit down to eat your meal.

2. Don't feed the cat from the table or any other eating areas.

3. Move the cat to a different place while you eat.

4. Don't leave food sitting out, even if it's wrapped.

5. Use a training device on the table to teach the cat that it is off limits. The article lists three Fosters and Smith training products that they suggest cat-owners use (X-Mats, Tattle Tale, and a Bridgeport Stoneware Feeder).

I think it's time for Finny Cease Begging Bootcamp, no? Gotta love the little beggar though.


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