Saturday, April 13, 2013

Protect the Strays?

As Finnegan was surfing the web today (of course he really surfs the web--he loves Facebook!), he and I discovered an interesting story in the Yahoo! news.

"How do you get this webcam to work?"

Why was the story interesting to Finnegan? Well, here was the title of the article: Fur Flying in Florida as Cat Lovers Push Law to Protect Strays.

The article talks about a proposed legislation in Florida that would create cat colonies to protect stray cats in particular areas. The idea behind this legislation is TNR, or "trap, neuter, release," as Becky Robinson (co-founder/President of Alley Cats Allies) calls it. Instead of trapping and killing stray cats, the cats would instead be vaccinated, fixed, and then released back into the wild.

We think this would be a great idea, but some people (particularly the environmentalist lobbyist in Tallahassee, Florida) are against the idea. They think that the strays should be put down because they "are a murderous menace to Mother Nature."

Finny's disapproval face.

Of course, though, they might have a slight point (see Kitty Murderers).

Finny is just wondering . . . shouldn't environmentalists care about all of nature--including the animals in it, particularly cats?

The reason Finnegan is so attracted to this article is because both he and his "brother" Samwise were both strays at one time. Sammie was born out in the wild and wasn't adopted until he was a few years old. Finnegan, on the other hand, had a family at one time, but they abandoned him and he lived as a stray until he found me, Rebecca.

Just think about this: if all strays were captured and put down, neither Sammie or Finny would be here today. Thank goodness for rescue owners and other people who have pity on stray cats.

All in favor of saving strays say, "Meow!"



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EMC said...

That's sad. :(
I love my kitties!!