Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Finny Goes to School

Many feline fans have heard of famous internet cats like Maru, Lil BUB, Simon's Cat, and you have heard of Finnegan, of course. Not Many people, however, have heard of Oreo C. Collins. What's so special about Oreo?

Oreo C. Collins is the first cat to earn a high school diploma online.

From Macon, Georgia, little Oreo earned her diploma at Jefferson High School Online. Her owner,  Kelvin Collins, helped her with the questions and essay required for her diploma. Although Oreo is a rescue kitten, much like Finnegan, Kelvin says that she is a very smart cat.

"No homework for me! This computer is strictly used for heating my tummy."
Although Finny does not have a proper education like Oreo, he has been the main topic of projects that I have turned in for some of my college classes. In fact, many posts on this blog are read by my professors and fellow students.


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