Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Finny's Fantastic Fedora

Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat turned 55 this year. Nearly everyone remembers the classic story about two children who are cured of being bored by a strangely human-like cat wearing a tall red and white hat.

Wikipedia image.

The Cat has inspired movies, TV shows, and sequential books. Besides the media, The Cat in the Hat has inspired culture. There are Cat in the Hat costumes, events, and memorials.  Additionally, of course, the book inspires children to read--which was Dr. Seuss' initial purpose in creating The Cat.

Finny, with a bit of help from his "dad," has also been inspired by Dr. Seuss' cat. The Cat wears a tall, red and white stripped hat. Finnegan Chase has a hat--a short, tan hat (that suspiciously resembles an invisible ankle sock).

Pampered Whiskers began in 2007. Their blog states that the organization was created "with the goal of bringing smiles to the faces of pet owners while helping out animals." Pampered Whiskers sells collars, holiday items, picture coffee mugs, note cards, and hats for pets and pet owners.

Finnegan wants the "little devil" hat.

Part of the money from each sale goes to help animal rescue groups. The list of charities Pampered Whiskers supports is listed on their website. If you choose to order an item for yourself or your pet, you can choose which organization you want Pampered Whiskers to donate to.

Think Finny could be the next Cat in the Hat?


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