Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cold Weather Snuggles

It's late October, and in central Georgia where Finny lives, the cold weather has begun to set in. With winds gusting up to twenty-five miles an hour and temperatures in the low fifties (Fahrenheit, that is), there's nothing Finnegan likes better than to stay indoors and cuddle on a blanket with his brother or me, Rebecca.

The Snuggles Project provides blankets to shelters to benefit the frightened animals, visitors, and staff. Animals are very afraid when they first arrive at an animal shelter, and also cold if they are taken in during the chilly months of the year. "Snuggles" help the animals to feel more at home and safe while the shelter's staff works to find them new homes. Blankets are also provided for visitors to make their stay more comfortable while they look for an animal to adopt. has lists of blanket patterns for people who enjoy knitting, crocheting, and sewing. Links provide ways for people to become involved and bring Snuggles to a local animal shelter.

Finnegan supports the idea of Snuggles for all his furry friends, especially during the cold holidays. Please take time to check out the Snuggles Project and consider helping out your local animal shelter.


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