Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tongue Tied

"Bite your tongue," "watch your tongue," "let your tongue speak what your heart thinks" (Davy Crockett), "give thy thoughts no tongue" (William Shakespeare), "tongue tied," and "cat got your tongue?" There are many sayings and quotes that pertain to the tongue. However, all of these sayings are difficult to follow if you can't keep your tongue in your mouth--which is a problem Finny seems to have while sleeping.

Cats let their tongue hang out of their mouths for many different reasons. answers concerned cat owners' questions about their loose-mouthed kitties by giving three explanations for why cats' tongues hang out of their mouths.

1. Grooming.
Sometimes while grooming a cat will forget to put it's tongue back into its mouth.

2. Relaxed.
Sometimes cats become so relaxed, like when they sleep, that their jaw hangs loose and their tongue sticks out.

3. Medical.
Sometimes a cat is actually unable to put its tongue back into its mouth because of a medical condition, such as jaw or breathing problems.

Although is credible, Finnegan has a fourth point of his own to include.


4. Attitude.
Sometimes cats get annoyed and just want you to know that they are displeased with you.