Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finny Flair

One of my favorite things to do is dress up Finnegan. He is such a good sport about it, even when he is forced to wear bandannas, costumes, ribbons, and dresses.

Humans have been dressing up cats for at least one-hundred years. reports that the earliest book mentioning people dressing up their pets is The Little Folks of Animal Land, published in 1915.

Although human clothing is the typical and traditional way to dress up pets, recently a new trend has emerged: breading. The UK site MailOnline posted an article titled "Has the internet completely lost it? Attempt to make dressing up cats with BREAD next web trend." The article explains the new fad of dressing up cats with bread borders around their face and bread on top of their heads like hats. The popular image titled "INBRED CAT" seems to have started the trend.

Much to Finnegan's delight, his outfits will not include bread anytime in the near future.


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